Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Spirit of May 3

"May 3, Soka Gakkai Day, is the eternal starting point for making our lives and those of others shine even more brightly"

(President Ikeda, Newsletter 8982, 3 May 2014)

It is the day that Josei Toda became the second president of the Soka Gakkai in 1951 announcing his determination to achieve a membership of 750,000 households during his lifetime (which he achieved).  It is also the day that Daisaku Ikeda became the third president in 1960, and vowed to march boldly on a journey for worldwide kosen-rufu in which he would ensure Buddhism spread to the farthest reaches of the earth.

"3 May is a day infused with commitment, action, unity, gratitude, hope, victory, fresh departure and new progress.  Each 3 May is a day when we strengthen and deepen our commitment to kosen-rufu more than the year before."
  (President Ikeda, Newsletter 8538, 13 June 2012)

"[At] the Soka Gakkai General Meeting held on May 3, 1954, ... President Toda declared that the essence of the Soka Gakkai spirit is "to return to the time of the Daishonin."  What he meant by this, he said, is for each of us to take the Daishonin's spirit as his own and strive to help others embrace faith in the Mystic Law and realize genuine happiness."
(Daisaku Ikeda, Newsletter 8982, 3 May 2014)

"Our goal is to actualize the vision of Nichiren Daishonin and bring about lasting peace and prosperity for all humanity.  I therefore hope you will become champions of faith who never retreat a single step, and that you will continue to struggle valiantly together with me as we advance into the future."
(Daisaku Ikeda, NHR12, p7, 3 May 1967)

"Nichiren Daishonin constantly called out to his disciples:

You must summon up the great power of faith more than ever.  (WND-1, p1000)

Strengthen your resolve more than ever. (WND-1, 615)

You should therefore strive in faith more than ever to receive the blessings of the Lotus Sutra"  (WND-1, 33)

Our courage is limitless and our efforts know no bounds.  As long as we have that spirit and continue to press forward, cherishing the great ideal of kosen-rufu in our hearts, the path to victory will open up endlessly before us."
(Daisaku Ikeda, Newsletter 8759, 7 May 2013)

"To dedicate our lives to the great vow of kosen-rufu, just like the Daishonin - this is the very heart of 3 May."
(Daisaku Ikeda, Newsletter 8538, 13 June 2012)

"Let us ensure that this vow of May 3 - embodying the Soka Gakkai spirit and directly connected to the spirit of the Daishonin - is transmitted to the future and endures for all eternity."
 (Daisaku Ikeda, Newsletter 8982, 3 May 2014)

In April 1988 at the first national Soka Gakkai Women's Division meeting held in Tokyo, President Ikeda also proposed that in recognition of their sincere efforts and their contribution to the growth of the organisation, May 3 should also be celebrated as "Soka Gakkai's Mother's Day" in honour of the "mothers of kosen-rufu".