Friday, 4 May 2012

Ready, Willing and Able

If you want to change certain aspects of your life, you need to be READY, WILLING and ABLE.

Maybe you want to have more self-confidence, get a job, improve your situation at work, lose weight, get a boyfriend or have a better relationship with your parents.  Whatever it is you want to change about yourself, you need to be READY, WILLING and ABLE to change.

Most people are READY.  If you have reached the point, where you know what you want from your life or what you want to change about yourself, you are READY. 

Most people are ABLE.  Whatever it is you want to achieve in life, you have the ABILITY to do it.  Want a boyfriend?  You can do it.  Want a better job?  It's yours.  Want a better relationship with your parents?  You have the power within you to achieve it.  Want to lose weight?  You got it.

Unfortunately, the thing that will hold you back is the WILLING!

Most people are NOT WILLING to do what it takes to achieve the result they want. 

Can you stop eating sweets?  No, it's too hard. 
Can you get off your arse and go to the gym?  Maybe tomorrow,  The Apprentice is on TV tonight!
Can you improve your job prospects?  You mean I have to study!!!!

We find it easy to talk ourselves out of doing things or want instant results without putting in any effort.  If you really want to see a change in your life, you really have to put some time and energy into achieving it.

Your life is the way it is today, because you have allowed it to get like this.  You have either seen the warning signs and chosen to ignore them or just not even seen them. 

Now you KNOW what you want to change about yourself, here's the three steps...

(1) Be READY.  Don't just know you want to change but prepare to change yourself and make a determination to achieve your goal or self-improvement.

(2) Be ABLE.  Recognize what you need to do to achieve your goal.  Chant to open up the full potential of your abilities.

(3) Be WILLING.  Really commit to improving yourself.  Devote time and energy to your faith and daily practise, as well as taking the steps necessary to fulfill your ambition or achieve the human revolution you are looking for.


(This article is based on Larry Winget's thoughts on Ready, Willing and Able.)

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